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TeamNZ are the only Historic Medieval Battle International Association (HMBIA) approved organisation in New Zealand. 

Would you like to be involved? If you are a fighter - any style - you could learn the combat code and join the fighters on field.  Click here to contact us

If you are non-combatant, you can help in a wide variety of other areas too - Living History re-enactment, administration, transport, support.

If you want to support financially (yes please) you can donate into TeamNZ's Kiwibank Account; The White Company Incorporated; Account Number: 38-9012-0675946-00 (all current fundraising is towards HMB TeamNZ) or -  No money required for this one! Help The White Company Inc - raise money by doing the occasional survey by email. Every time you complete a survey we’ll get paid for it!  Click here to sign up  Please do sign up – and send this link to all your friends too!

Battle of the Nations is an international Historic Medieval Battle tournament, held in the Northern hemisphere.  All events are based on authentic re-enactment of Medieval heavy combat. 'Medieval' in this context embraces 1400 - 1500.  The combat involves controlled-blow, heavy contact - one versus one, five versus five and group combat.  It is thrilling to watch and thrilling for combatants to participate, TeamNZ participated for the first time in May 2013. HMBIA held an international organisational meeting in Vaduz in December 2013, Captain David Smith offered a brief report about TeamNZ developments - click here to read it

TeamNZ made New Zealand's presence felt at Battle of the Nations 2013, alongside 23 other countries - it was massive!   Watch BotN France 2013 again! Click here for TeamUSA's amazing video collection!

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